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Cannabis Collaborative Conference - Portland

Oregon Cannabis Industry is CHANGING daily- this is the only thing we can count on.  For the businesses that have been part of this roller coaster ride CONGRATS!  The 3rd Annual CCC 3.0 will include sessions on WHAT IS NEEDED to navigate, survive and THRIVE in the Industry.  The transition to recreation has been costly and filled with obstacles. Many have survived the changes, but many are struggling.  

The goal with CCC 3.0 is to provide SOLUTIONS for:

  • Oregon Industry Analysis & Forecast
  • Making Oregon the Model of the Industry
  • Optimize Your Business
  • 2016 Elections outcome & expansion
  • Real Stories “What we did right & what we did wrong”
  • 280E- Strategies that can Lower your Tax Bill
  • Packaging, Banking, Advertising, Labor, Testing and More
  • Distribution Processes
  • Producer/ Processor Knowledge
  • How to Become a Craft Grower
  • How to Partner with the Right Group



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The Washington Cannabis Alliance - Seattle

At The Alliance we believe strongly that the best way to affect change is to get involved. There are always opportunities to get out, meet people and find out how to best apply your strengths....from our general meetings to our B2B mixers and from political hearings to other community gatherings. Find what works for you and Get Involved! It takes all of us to build a strong industry!

TIME: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Swedish Cultural Center. 1920 Dexter Ave N., Seattle, WA

Open Alliance Meetings occur every 2nd Thursday of the month from (show all)

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7:00am 7:00am

Washington Cannabis Summit

The Washington Cannabis Summit is a visionary event; crafted with the goal of positioning WA State as a powerful thought leader in the industry. It is designed to challenge the current state of affairs with Cannabis legislation, research and education. It will push the envelope of the conversation past the current problems we face, into a realm where we openly discuss opportunities for the future of the industry. As leaders we not only have the opportunity, but the responsibility, to craft a better future. This starts with intelligent dialogue about where we are, where we’ve been, where we want to go and how we intend to get there.


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