Welcome to the
Cultivation Facility Best Practices Project

The cannabis industry’s open source venue
for the exchange of knowledge and experience
on energy- and water-efficient production.

At the Resource Innovation Institute, our immediate intent is to rapidly scale best practices to influence the design and construction of the next wave of cannabis production facilities. 

We will achieve this by drawing upon expertise – from inside and outside the industry – to educate and inform about best practices that conserve energy and water. 

Our ambition is to connect and inspire. We invite you to join the conservation! 

Engage here to:

  • Contribute to and learn from the Cultivation Facility Best Practices Forum, an open-source, peer-reviewed venue that generates collective wisdom from the recreational and medical markets to enable investors, cultivators and property owners to design, construct and maintain indoor, outdoor and greenhouse facilities that maximize profitability through conservation
  • Collect tips in our Vanguard Views curated blog series, where we feature conservation-minded cannabis pioneers who shed light on resource-efficient cultivation techniques and technologies
  • Check back as we launch video content as well as a wiki curated by our Technical Advisory Committee


Topics will include:

  • Production type
    • Choosing the production mix that’s right for you – outdoor, greenhouse, indoor
  • Siting
    • Choosing a property
    • Understanding zoning and proximity 
    • Simplifying the permitting process
    • Selecting your vendor team
    • Designing your facility
    • Questions to ask your architect and engineer
    • Engaging your utility
  • Lighting
    • The science and the art: How light affects plant growth
    • Considerations when making the switch to LED
    • Increasing your harvest cycles through greenhouse light deprivation
    • Low-carbon approaches to outdoor security
    • How to claim rebates from utilities
  • Air cooling systems
    • HVAC (forced air, water cooled, variable refrigerant flow (VRF), economizers)
    • Dehumidification systems
    • CO2 integration
  • Water 
    • Efficient irrigation
    • Rainwater harvesting and storage
    • Cultivation methods (hydroponic, auto flower, etc.)
    • Dehumidification reclaim
  • Renewables 
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Geothermal
    • Ground source heat pumps
  • Long-term vision 
    • Carbon neutral
    • Net zero energy
    • Net zero water
    • Zero waste
    • Microgrid


If you have suggestions on other topics, please offer them.